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Information on this site is provided as a community education service about professional issues and is not a substitute for individual consultation. Advice on individual problems should be obtained through a professional. All personal and medical information provided to IIAR and its staff is held in strict confidence. This information will not be disclosed to any person or organization without the written consent of the patient or guardian.
Joint Commission of Proctor Hospital If you have concerns regarding your care, please contact our Patient Advocate at (309) 691-1084. If we cannot resolve your concern, you may also contact JCAHO an independent, not-for-profit, national body that oversees the safety and quality of health care and other services provided in accredited organizations. Information about accredited organizations may be provided directly to the Joint Commission at 1-800-994-6610. Information regarding accreditation and the accreditation performance of individual organizations can be obtained through the Joint Commission’s website at www.jointcommission.org.
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