Network Resources

BHC LogoThere is a wealth of information and resources available on the Internet for those seeking addiction recovery related material. We will continue to build links to useful sites and encourage you to contribute as well.

Treatment Centers, a comprehensive addiction research and resource portal providing articles, forums and listings of substance abuse facilities.

Community Services Information Center,, includes information on alcohol and drug recovery with a listing of major hospitals, clinics and treatment centers.

Recovery USA, llc,, is an on-line Recovery Shopping experience.

The Sober Camel,, offers a wide variety of books, movies, commemorative items and inspirational gifts for men and women in recovery and their family members.

Hopelinks,, is a self help codependency and addiction recovery site with information and programs for overcoming drugs, alcohol, building self esteem, grief and loss, and other addiction issues.

Teen Drug Abuse,, contains information about the teen drug abuse problem in America.

The Discovery Program,, is a Los Angeles based treatment center for drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Southworth Associates, "At Southworth Associates, we will do everything in our power to help dependent individuals, their families, colleagues, and friends to arrest the disease of addiction, allowing everyone to go forward fulfilling their lives free from the worry and problems that addiction creates. Our goal is to provide quality information, education, coaching, and recovery services. We emphasize early identification, intervention, referral for treatment, and monitoring."

National Institute on Chemical Dependency (NICD),, provides alcoholism and drug addiction/addictions information, articles, and resources for help.

No More Gambling,, offers a free URL blocker to prevent access to online gambling sites. Addicts can discuss treatment and addiction in the self-help forums.

Stopping Overshopping,, is a comprehensive resource for compulsive buyers and the people who love them, for therapists, and for anyone else interested in learning more about this problem. The site includes information about forms of treatment available for shopping addiction, about the individual and group treatment services offered by Stopping Overshopping, as well as a self-help program. The site also offers a quiz to help visitors decide if they need professional help.

Expressions by Lauralee,, offers a unique line of recovery greeting cards giving hope and insipiration to those in recovery.  The cards feature digitally photographed images celebrating anniversaries/birthdays, giving thanks to sponsors, encouragement to sponsees and inspiration with the Serenity, 3rd and 7th Step prayers.

Michael Burke,, speaks on gambling addiction and has created a website to bring awareness, resources, tools and treatment options for compulsive and problem gambling.  Burke is publishing a book titled Never Enough, A True Story of Addiction.

The GRR,, Co-Host of the October 2009 ITCC