Speaker's Bureau

Proctor Hospital

The IIAR Speakers Bureau is designed to assist in public education about and discussion of addiction-related subjects. There is minimal to no charge for this service.

To schedule a speaker:
To arrange a speaker for one of the topics listed below, or to inquire about setting up a program on a different topic, please call Sandra Beecher, MA, CRADC, MISA I, PCGC, SAP at 1-309-713-6658.

Suggested topics:
Topics are available for any age or audience size. All requests for speakers are channeled through the program director, who will select an appropriate staff member for your meeting. Speakers are selected from a staff of certified addiction counselors, psychologists, nurses, and physicians. Requests for a specific speaker can almost always be arranged.

Family Problems Associated with Chemical Dependency/Compulsive Gambling
The audience will become familiar with chemical dependency/compulsive gambling and the family system. Common family problems associated with chemical dependency/compulsive gambling will be discussed.

Recognizing the Troubled Employee
This program provides an opportunity for management personnel to understand the disease concept of addiction, while learning to recognize job performance indicators of this problem.

Alcoholism, Other Drug Addictions and Compulsive Gambling
This program will provide a basic overview of chemical dependency and compulsive gambling. The participants will become familiar with demographics, patterns and signs of the disease.

Youth, Addiction and Chemical Abuse/Problem
Gambling During this presentation, the audience will learn to discriminate between normal adolescent chemical use/gambling patterns and signs of true addiction.

Prevention Programming
IIAR staff will assist school and other community groups in developing prevention policies, procedures and activities.

Medical Aspects of Addiction
Medical personnel from the IIAR will provide a technical presentation on the physical nature of addiction and aspects of withdrawal.

Relapse Prevention
During this presentation, an overview of the addiction and recovery process will be presented. Participants will learn about relapse as a process, and become familiar with some warning signs of impending relapse.

Spirituality and Recovery
The audience will learn the role of spirituality in maintaining long-term recovery. Other topics available on request include, but are not limited to: Internet addiction, compulsive spending addiction, food addiction, sex addiction, chronic pain with addiction. The IIAR can tailor a program to fit your needs.

Dance of Destruction: Process Addictions
This program provides the audience with an overview of process addictions (gambling, food, sex, Internet, video game, and shopping/spending).

Chronic Pain with Addiction
This program describes chronic pain vs. acute pain and outlines treatment strategies in working with those suffering from chronic pain with addiction.