Young Adult Program

Proctor Hospital
Adolescent Program
Adolescent and Young Adult Program (Proctor)
The goal of the IIAR treatment program is to help addicted adolescents and young adults (ages 12 to 18) achieve a lifestyle that is free of mood-altering chemicals and addictive behaviors, including alcohol, drug, gambling, Internet, video game, food, sex, and spending addictions.

Inpatient Treatment
IIAR's Inpatient Treatment programs provide around-the-clock structure and safety, allowing patients to return to comfortable, productive living. Patients benefit from 24-hour care and increased support of peer groups. Patients reside in a secure unit and follow a behavioral management system that encourages appropriate behavior.

While in treatment, adolescents and young adults will work with our teacher and attend school on site daily. Our teacher works closely with the patients school to receive homework assignments, tests, reading assignments, etc. to ensure the patient does not fall behind in his/her studies.

Addiction Day Treatment
With this form of treatment, adolescents and young adults receive treatment during the day and then return home at night. Those who qualify are physically and emotionally stable enough to remain abstinent in the evening without peer support and has a supportive home environment. Patients attend daily group therapy, lectures, and discussion groups.

Continuing Care
Continuing Care for adolescents and young adults is a critical part of all recovery programs. In this program, individuals continue to utilize the tools they learned in treatment as well as receive support from their counselor, peers, family members, and the 12-step community. During Continuing Care, individuals attend individual, family conjoint, and group counseling. Regular 12-step meeting attendance is also required. The length of treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Early Intervention
The Early Intervention program is a psychoeducational program designed for adolescents and young adults who may be engaging in at-risk behaviors, such as chemical, gambling, food, Internet, video game, sex, or shopping/spending.

Family Programs
A loving, caring family that understand addiction and supports recover is critical. We involve family in our family night, family conferences and Al-Anon, to help them learn about addiction and mobilize their love and support effectively for the addicted family member.

Our physical fitness/recreation component encourages a return to health, proper metabolic and physical functioning, and it teaches use of leisure time that does not involve addictive behavior.