Answers to Addiction in the Workplace Quiz

1. The most frequently used drug in the US workplace today is:

b) Alcohol

2. When a person is abusing drugs, the likelihood of him or her having an accident on the job:

c) Increases by four times

3. According to law, any business in the US with a government contract of____or more must have a drug-free program in place.

b) $25,000

4. Continued abuse of drugs on the job by an employee can cause:

e) All of the above

5. If an individual admits his or her drug problem to a supervisor, he or she will most likely:

e) b and d

6. According to the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, what percentage of employees are in favor of their company's drug policy?

a) 82%

7. Drug abuse in the workplace affects everyone in what way?

e) a and c

8. If a person decides to get help through an Employee Assistance Program, his or her problem will:

a) Be kept strictly confidential

9. Our nation's economy loses at least___a year to drug abuse.

d) $100 billion