Services for Employers

In addition to providing treatment and counseling for persons with chemical and/or behavioral addictions, the IAR offers related services for employers. These include:


This free, one-hour evaluation is used to identify and assess the presence of chemical dependency and/or other addictions. An interview is administered by one of our professional staff. If treatment is recommended, a referral can be made. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are also accepted.

Intensive Assessment Services

Because addictions are not always easy to identify, Proctor has developed an intensive five- to seven-day outpatient program designed to produce a thorough diagnostic assessment of an individual's physical and emotional condition as it relates to his or her addiction. The evaluation is performed by a team of professionals, and consists of interviews, tests, observations and an overnight stay at the hospital. The result is a composite picture of the patient that leads to a firm diagnosis and treatment recommendation. Segments of the program run throughout the week, with special arrangements available to accommodate work schedules.

Drug Testing

If concerns about on-the-job drug use necessitate employee drug testing, the Institute can assist you in designing and implementing a program that is highly accurate, confidential, and tailored to individual work situations. We can complete the testing procedures in our own laboratory, or make arrangements for an outside source. Collection may be at the IIAR or any of our Proctor First Care Facilities.

Nicotine Dependency Treatment

This 90-day outpatient treatment program provides group therapy and support for persons addicted to nicotine. Meetings are available during the day and evenings.