Family Program

Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery (IIAR): FAMILY PROGRAM

One of the reasons we believe our patients experience success is our commitment to our Family Program.  Positive family and peer support has proven to be an essential element in the recovery process. 

At the IIAR we fully understand the devastating consequences of being in a relationhip with a person who has an addiction.  To that end, the Family Program is designed to educate and support family members and concerned persons. 

The Family Program allows you to finally get answers to difficult questions by an informed licensend and/or credentialed professional.

Participants of the Family Program will gain insight into:
  • Understanding addiction as a disease
  • Phases and stages of multiple addictions and co-occurring disorders
  • Communication styles and defense mechanisms
  • Healthy ways of coping with addiction and relationships
  • Family roles and establishing boundaries
  • Resources for growth and recovery
  • Recognizing relapse warning signs
  • Responding appropriately to a relapse
  • Self-acceptance, trauma, and grief
Schedules for Family Program:

Adult Unit at Proctor Hospital - Saturdays from 9am -12pm