Proctor Hospital

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

The Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery (IIAR) has been providing quality, hospital-based addiction treatment services in central Illinois since 1979. Inpatient/Residential and outpatient counseling and treatment services are available for adults with chemical and/or behavioral addictions, as well as those individuals struggling with related at-risk behaviors.

Why You Should Choose IIAR for Addiction Treatment Services

The goal of our medical and counseling services is to help individuals and family with addiction lead comfortable and productive lives without the use of mood-altering chemicals or activities.

Treatment and counseling programs are currently available for the following addictions:
  • Chemical
  • Gambling
  • Food
  • Sex
  • Internet
  • Video Game
  • Shopping/Spending
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Chronic Pain with Addiction

"The private, serene settings of the IIAR locations allow us to provide unmatched addiction treatment experiences...everyday!"